You are

Your mission: Board your ship and explore the darkest reaches of the universe in search of the hottest and most depraved space sluts. Bring them aboard your research vessel where you can customise their looks in your bio-metrics lab, probe and experiment on them in your high tech science chamber, or create virtual scenes using your ships Cyber-Masturbatorium – all in the name of science!

Main game features:

  • Works in VR and non VR
  • Full body physics and posing system
  • Attach a controller/Vive tracker to a Fleshlight and connect it to a characters hip for total immersion!
  • Create, save and load scenes in the Cyber Masturbatorium
  • Record motion captured animations
  • Real time fluid simulation
  • Character customisation
  • Over 20 toys to play with (Asstronaut build)
  • Supports all Lovense toys

Captain Hardcore is in development and new features are added with every update! Click here to read the dev blog.

Supports all SteamVR headsets. Standalone Quest version also available.

Valve Index
HTC Vive
Windows mixed Reality


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