Captain Hardcore Quest

Standalone version for Quest 1 and 2 - runs without a PC!

Captain Hardcore Quest uses the same character model, physics and animation systems as the PC version, plus you have the added benefit of being completely wireless!

This is a lightweight port of the PC sandbox and runs standalone without a PC. 

Environments are made smaller to save processing power for the characters which are just as detailed and realistic as the PC version.

I’m porting as many features from the PC as possible, and aim to release a Quest update in between each PC update.

Current features:

  • Hand tracking
  • Passthrough
  • Space Ship, Dungeon, Manor Bedroom + more environments
  • Full body physics and IK the same as the PC version
  • Scene saving and loading
  • Character preset saving
  • Record and save animations
  • Import any Daz Gen 3/8 skins, tattoos or makeup
  • 8 Toys including the Penetrator, butt plugs and paddle 
  • Body Fluids
  • All morphs from the PC version
  • Hair styles and colour settings
  • Multiple skin textures
  • Clothing customisation
  • Restraint Machine
  • Gravity restraints
  • Cameras and Screens
  • Spawnable furniture
  • Male characters
  • Hand posing + physics
  • Multiple characters per scene
  • Attach a controller to a fleshlight and control a characters hip movement.
  • Support for all Lovense toys

Planned features:

  • More customisation
  • More hairstyles
  • More toys
  • More environments
  • More clothing
While the game is in development it will only be available to Galactic Trader Patrons.