Captain Hardcore Quest

Standalone version for Quest 1 and 2 - runs without a PC!

Captain Hardcore started life on PC but a lot of people were asking for a Quest version. After making some adjustments I was surprised to see how well it works on a mobile device.

To get things running I had to make some big changes. I started by removing all performance heavy systems (like hair and fluid physics), then stripped it back to one character and an empty environment. It still uses the same model, physics and animation systems as the PC version and can be just as much fun, plus you have the added benefit of being completely wireless!

Current features:

  • Hand tracking
  • Full body physics and IK the same as the PC version
  • Scene saving and loading
  • Animations
  • One environment with one character
  • 8 Toys including the Penetrator, butt plugs and paddle 
  • Body Fluids
  • Morphs
  • Two hair styles and colour settings
  • Clothing
  • Spawnable furniture

Planned features:

  • More customisation
  • More hairstyles
  • More toys
  • More morphs
  • Environments
  • Clothing
  • Male characters
  • Multiple characters per scene
  • Attach a controller to a fleshlight and control a characters hip movement.
While the game is in development it will only be available to Galactic Trader Patrons.