How to sideload Captain Hardcore on Meta Quest

Captain Hardcore Standalone is compatible with all Quest headsets.

Important notes:

  • This requires a PC or Mac with Sidequest installed. Sidequest is a free app that makes side loading easy.
  • Make sure to uninstall any previous versions before updating or you may get an error!
  • If you have any scenes remember to back them up or they may be lost. You can copy them back onto the device after re-installing. Find them in “Internal shared storage\UE4Game\FluidGame\FluidGame\Scenes”.


  1. Download the latest Captain Hardcore Quest APK from Patreon.  The file is zipped, so extract it to a folder on your PC before continuing.
  2. If you haven’t sideloaded before, install Sidequest Advanced Installer on your PC:
  3. Once Sidequest Advanced Installer is set up and connected to your Quest click the “Install Apk file from folder” button (in the top right of the Sidequest window) and select the .apk, or just drag it into SideQuest. Check the current tasks in SideQuest and you’ll see it installing.
  4. Once the .apk install completes, transfer the .obb file in the same way. Both files must be installed or the game will not launch!
  5. “CH_Quest” will then appear under “Unknown sources” in your library! You might need to close and re-open the library for it to appear.
  6. The game will ask for Patreon verification on first launch. A login page will open inside the Quest browser where you can copy the key, then return to the game, press paste and activate.


  • If you’re updating make sure to uninstall the previous version first. Then follow the installation instructions again to load the new version.
  • The easiest way to uninstall is to go to Unknown Sources in your library, press the three dots on the right of the game then press uninstall.
  • Scenes shouldn’t be deleted when you uninstall but you may want to back them up just in case.


Scene files are saved in “Internal shared storage\UE4Game\FluidGame\FluidGame\Scenes”. You can share the .chs files in the Quest scenes channel on discord.


If you don’t want anyone to see Captain Hardcore in your library you can turn off developer mode to hide all side loaded apps.

Update 0.4 also makes it possible to lock the app with a pin code. If you forget the code you can delete the folder “Internal shared storage\UE4Game\FluidGame\FluidGame\Saved\SaveGames” to reset it.